March 16, 2021

The Borough of Totowa’s Zoning Board of Adjustment ratified a Resolution approving the repurposing of 5 lots located at the corner of Riverview Drive and Minnisink Road in the Borough of Totowa.

The project will consist of a brand-new Starbucks restaurant with both walk-up and drive-thru service, as well as a QuickChek convenience store and gas station.

At the hearing, Mr. Semeraro expressed to the Board that this intersection serves as the gateway into the Borough of Totowa and that the lots, as currently configured, represent a hodgepodge of incongruent uses. The net effect has been a haphazard array of construction styles and signage, and in recent years, have fallen into obsolescence disrepair and were unsightly.

The new development will present state-of-the-art retail, beautify the area and be more appropriate for the gateway into Totowa Borough. At the same time, the Borough will obtain two new members of the community that are known to maintain their properties impeccably, which would make any municipality jealous.

The application was complicated and involved use variances, conditional use variances, lot consolidation, and other relief.

Ultimately, the Board agreed with Mr. Semeraro and unanimously awarded the approval.

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